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If you're listening to this podcast, you're here on the planet at this time to serve as a cosmic revolutionary. You have a role in building an equitable, just, sustainable, and peaceful world. How will you revolutionize your world today?

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May 16, 2022

Welcome to the Cosmic Revolution. As a special 4-part series during April and May of 2022, we are re-releasing some of our favorite episodes from our companion microcast, Amplify! with Karen Curry Parker. If you enjoy these episodes, make sure to subscribe and follow Amplify! on your favorite podcasting platform to hear all the past episodes from Karen and to be notified when new episodes release.


Click here to be taken to the Amplify! show page or see at the end of the show notes for links to all major platforms!


We’ll be back at the end of May 2022 with new episodes of Cosmic Revolution and Amplify! with Karen Curry Parker!






You are a once-in-a-cosmic-lifetime-event.  There has never been anyone like you before and there will never be anyone like you again. You simply can’t create like anyone else because you have your very own creative curriculum to explore in this lifetime.

You have a unique, vital, and irreplaceable role to play on the planet.  This is a role that only you can make.

They say that art transforms the world.  It’s not the end result - the paintings, the poems, the songs - that change the world.  It’s the unmitigated pursuit of our relentlessly authentic creative drive that transforms the world.

You being YOU is the purpose of your life.  

No one else can do that the way you can.

Here’s to a year of reckless creative abandon and wild, ungoverned explosions of self-expression!

We are honored to be a part of your creative journey. 


Find out more on how you can explore your creativity at


May your voices gain strength. May your creative vision stay clear and strong. May your creative fire spark change in the world.

  • Karen Curry Parker


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